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Join Mike Marano and AJ Battista where they talk about everything and anything that comes to mind. Listen as the guys dive down into rabbit holes. Come for the thoughts, stay for the tangents.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 5: How Many Tests Have We Failed?

    On this week's episode, we find out that Mike and AJ have both failed a lot of tests. They wonder if going into broadcasting was really worth it. The guys also talk about Texas opening up, vaccine distribution and more. ...


  2. Episode 4: A Wellness Day Special

    Mike and AJ take some time to enjoy their Wellness Day to talk about some of the most important matters of the day such as SUNY Oswego's most famous alumni and how Mike ruined his chances to ever meet him. The guys also try their hand at trying to talk ...


  3. Episode 3: We got car problems!

    Recorded on Friday, Feb. 19, Mike and AJ talk about their car problems, cigars, cologne, the toxicity of social media and more!   ...


  4. Episode 2: Super Bowl Reactions and Postmate experiences

    Mike and AJ go over their Super Bowl prop bets and react to the Halftime show. Mike also talks about his postmate experience, and AJ talks about D-Rose heading back to the Garden to play for the Knicks      ...


  5. Episode 1: The Debut

    In the debut episode, Mike Marrano and AJ Battista talk about shoveling snow, Super Bowl prop bets, college admissions, high school memories and more (Recorded on Wednesday, Feb. 3). ...